My Action

For no reason at all I am feeling this immense pressure to get my first post ever perfect. Even though I know that very few people will be reading this any time soon. Yet I have this gut desire to refine, and drag my feet until it’s perfect. But novel writer I am not, and so this seemed as appropriate a time as ever to talk about one of the most important but simple concepts I have really come to grasp in the past few months: the need for action.

This first post is simply about getting started, about forcing my hand and putting my first foot forward, whether it is my best foot or not. Fear cannot be a limiting factor if you wish to make an impact on the world, and this first post is about doing just that: conquering fear. If there is anything that I have learned since starting this journey of self-development, it is that to do anything worthwhile requires action. This post is my action.

For many people, this seems glaringly obvious. To get things done you have to act. But to a life-long student such as myself, the actual thought never crossed my mind. I was more focused on learning, being a perfectionist. There are several points that can be spun out of that mentality, but that is not the objective of this first post. This is simply about taking my first step, about putting pen to paper (I’m old school) and taking an action when I would prefer to sit and tinker and make this website perfect before I ever  make it public.

And that leads to the final point I want to discuss in this first creation. I heard somewhere the quote “if you’re not embarrassed by your first product, you did it wrong.” This ties hand in hand with action, and called the Minimal Viable Product. The hardest part of succeeding in anything is simply starting, so just get your prototype out there, and then revise and perfect. Getting started forces your hand, and takes the decision out of your control.

So that’s it. No groundbreaking insight, no Nobel winning thesis. Just a first step, in what will hopefully be a long journey ahead of me. If you somehow read this, I promise it will get better, and hope you stick around for the ride. For this is just the beginning; my action.

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