To Move a Foot, or a Mile

To kick off the new year, I wanted to talk about possibly the most important tool I picked up during the past year: goal-setting. I know it is a bit delayed, being half-way through the first month, but I believe the art (yes, art) of projecting into the future to set your current path is timeless, and is really applicable at any point in the year.

I’m not much of a resolution man. I learned long ago that, like most people, I would find myself picking up the pieces of my shattered intentions by at least March every year. But like I said before, any time is a good time to sit down and assess your progress, and looking forward and setting goals for yourself is certainly more opportune with the mental fresh start of a new year. Also, holidays are often a great time to re-balance oneself around friends and family, with extra time away from your school or office.

Like I mentioned before, goal setting is perhaps the single most important tool I learned over the course of last year, and thats saying something, because tools make up practically 85% of business school. There are two distinct reasons for its effectiveness: Continue reading