Your Glass is Always Half-Full

It is easier now than ever to check in on people you don’t see very often. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn; they all allow you to keep tabs on people. You can see a classmate from a decade ago move into the C-Suite, a childhood friend make a viral Youtube video, or an old flame put a ring on it. And this isn’t just limited to people we know. You can literally access anyone in today’s world. But this kind of access can have its drawbacks.

What makes it easier to stay in touch with and communicate with people also makes it very easy to start comparing yourself and your place in life to others, to start shopping around. This proliferates into many aspects of society – dating, job hunting, etc – but in the end you are constantly comparing yourself to others. In the context of this website, this is comparing yourself and your worldly accomplishments, but of course this also effects a broader spectrum.

This instant desire to compare, to compete with people you haven’t seen in years (or maybe not ever) can be extremely dangerous. You start comparing your accomplishments to theirs. You figure, ‘If they can do it, why aren’t I? I must be a failure because I haven’t done what they are able to do.’ Obviously, this leads to a very skewed, dark perception of reality. Yet we all still do it, myself included. Continue reading

Hustle Gang Over Err’thang: On Time Effectiveness

We all want to get things done, and we all want them done yesterday. We want action, we want to kick ass and take names. But very few of us do, or at least not on a consistent basis, and the ones that do get things done seem superhuman to us – how can they possibly accomplish so much? We write it off that they are special, supremely talented, have a team of people working behind the scenes while they sit pretty in their palace chair. And yes, some truly have other-worldly talent. But the rest are just like us – normal people, who are just incredibly effective with their time.

It is often easy to get caught up in the buzz of efficiency and productivity, of always focusing on doing things faster. But it is entirely possible to be extremely efficient at doing a task, but doing the complete wrong task. You have to be shrewd with your time, not just fast.

“Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.”

– Peter Drucker

This is time effectiveness. Focusing on what is most important and getting that done in an expedited fashion, versus just getting the next thing on your to-do list crossed off (unless, of course, your to-do list is already prioritized, in which case congratulations, you can go ahead to the second half of this piece. No $200). It is a blend of planning and execution, speed and precision. It’s doing the right thing, doing it the right way, and being urgent in its completion. Continue reading